Before out annual inspection That s because you haven t read this article

Make when buying a car, vehicle inspection is checking a year, hence, small series of only took leave of a car inspection, with the result that small waste of a vacation day! I believe that, surely I wasn’t the only one who did such a foolish thing. Come on, did something similar, small series to have a chat with you.

Before out annual inspection? That's because you haven't read this article!

Lots of new car owners know their vehicles to annual review, but don’t know when examined, it is estimated that many people with small, Annual Registration/year is the end of first instance or a year. In fact, vehicle annual examination dates on the certificate page have noted, the annual review date is determined according to the date of registration of the vehicle, cars new cars up to 6 years old, needed only once every two years. But did you know a years time is enough? Then you’re wrong, there are more things that need attention. Such as the following.

Before out annual inspection? That's because you haven't read this article!

1 year in a timely manner, and beware of late General cases, Annual Registration are essentially the inspection before the validity period marked on the certificate page, at this time, still within the validity period of the insurance if the car collision occurred, the insurance will pay. However, some drivers for a variety of reasons, forget the annual inspection of the vehicle, resulting in annual examination late. Annual examination late consequences, except for their inability to provide vehicle inspection certificates are fine, this time if there was an accident, the insurance company is entitled to refuse to pay. Therefore, we make sure you vehicle will be inspected before the inspection period, do not delay.

Before out annual inspection? That's because you haven't read this article!

2 natural annual cycle is not on the driver’s license of the cycle, many owners think that natural annual cycle is, every year will “remember to distinguish zero.” In fact, count from the year cycle is not natural, but with each owner’s initial license date as the starting date, completion of 12 months is a cycle. Of course, illegal after the score, if not reached within one cycle score 12 points, but the fine has been paid, at the end of a cycle is clear: If a, b, type of license, must, within 30 days after the end of the cycle, after participating in the factual and learning, points will be cleared. If it is a c-type license, after the end of the cycle, within 30 days, points will automatically zero and again today.

Before out annual inspection? That's because you haven't read this article!

3 years ago illegally disposed of all this I believe many owners know, years before trial must handle all traffic, vehicles passed the annual examination. If you don’t want to waste time, can go to annual citation processing line up, dealing with violations and pay a fine, and then test. Little heart Forded don t forget this

Before out annual inspection? That's because you haven't read this article!

4 prepare in advance all information required under normal circumstances, when the annual verification required us driving license and Deputy page, copy of insurance, examined the year’s tax invoice, and so on. So don’t take a chance, don’t pay the cost of an item, or annual pass. Eventually damage their interests.

Before out annual inspection? That's because you haven't read this article!

5 off-site inspection if there is any off-site inspection of vehicles, vehicle owners must first apply to the registration, after the annual review, and apply each year are the vehicles registered DMV. Consignment when examined in different places, in addition to the documents referred to above, is required on the agent identification, issued by the respective management sub-delegate of off-site audit certificate, you can proceed to use for Annual Registration of vehicles.

Before out annual inspection? That's because you haven't read this article!

Small series of words for the novice or the small white, those things about car inspection, small series can only help you to this, the rest is up to you. In short, be sure to remember the annual review date, if years overdue, you know, why do you find yourself annoyed too! In addition, if you have any other questions asking small series, welcome to comment below.


8 to 150 000 of the most worth buying the cars in this there must be what you

Price 8.15 million is the choice of most young people when they buy a car, as a young auto Editor, many users often ask me what to choose the price range vehicles. Their needs are different, and some seek looks cool, hope space practical, as long as the sedan, and some fans hatchback, in short, what a wide variety of requirements have, today in this price segment, filter a few I think it is worth to buy products, for your reference.

Three-box compact car

8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!

Ariza 5

Less than 100,000 yuan-priced compact car joint venture, in addition to brand and there is not much advantage. Ariza 5 high with large space and the price is quite affordable, compared with rivals such as Royal vision, its appearance is more suitable for young people.

8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!
8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!

1.5l automatically get VIP price 87900 recommended models, apart from the outside has come standard with ESP, there are side air bags and side-curtain airbags, keyless entry Keyless Start, safety and comfort are doing well.

8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!


In many people’s impression of Korean cars still stuck in the old Elantra repeatedly when the Hyundai-Kia group has marched into one of the world’s top five auto groups. Although strong gathered in the compact car market, but affordable configurations excellent lead still have a place of their own. As the family’s latest Elantra, it continued the Sonata 9 uneven on design, more in keeping with contemporary youth aesthetic.

8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!
8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!

Featured models-1.6L automatic wisdom dazzles the elite price 11.98, line discount 5k-8k. Carlife controlled big screens in carplay and Baidu, usability has been greatly enhanced. Compared to other 1.4t dual-clutch transmissions, 1.6L traditions at transmission will undoubtedly make people more at ease.

8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!


Most currently focus on compact cars, the strongest power almost at the same level, Ward’s ten best interiors. But although it has been released for some time, it still has to stand in line.

8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!
8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!

Featured model 220turbo automatic Deluxe Edition at $ 139,900, is currently the lowest civic automatic transmission and distribution models, but configuration not lower, cheaper than a hat to 16,000, full cost performance.

8 to 150,000 of the most worth buying the cars in this, there must be what you want!

RALink double q About 160 000 landing compact car certainly you

The models described and civic as not much, it is you can buy the cheapest Toyota hybrid models, dual-engine not only give you ultra low fuel consumption, more make you environmental people!

Recommended models two-engine 1.8H GS Elite Edition at $ 139,800 offline no concessions, more than 130,000 prices is to experience two-engine minimum threshold.

Hatchback compact car

Called ex-rad, Sarah

Angkesaila is the best buy Mazda sedan, but its sales than its popularity is still too low! Advanced Chi blue sky technology for its excellent chassis, efficient power. Coupled with the appearance of the Oriental flavor, it has been among young people. So a very sporty pony, I highly recommend the hatchback version ~

Featured model hatchback-2.0l automatic movement at $ 152,900 line offers 10,002. On the premise of balance between practicality, its performance is quite good.

Small series in addition to the above two sentences outside of these vehicles, the price also has many outstanding models: balanced corolla, large space golf tour, Leapfrog’s performance K4, as well as the most representative of the Volkswagen Golf. Also has a lot of products are not excellent but good sales models, I don’t roll ~ hope everyone can get good rides ~


In the engine fighter 3 turbocharger One is electric

2016 Paris Motor Show is in progress, we love geeks “is not in the field” special program, reported some level black technology, including the Lexus “spider silk” seating, Infiniti’s variable compression ratio engine and want to brush up on small partners, please click on the links to the bottom of the article.

Small series to introduce today is from Audi’s “black science”, equipped with 3 Turbo 4.0TDI diesel engine, carried on the SQ7.

The SQ7

In today’s increasingly stringent international environmental regulations, many automakers are “insane” 1.2T or even 1.0T of research and development engine, Audi against the norm of “black science” be any mystery?

Audi 4.0TDI diesel engine

Take a look at the overall parameters, this engine, maximum power of 435 HP and 900 nm of peak torque.

(Power in Kw)

Here you can see that from the engine operating conditions, speed around a watershed in at 3200 rpm, torque advantage to play before, then you can maintain the maximum power, and even with high speed torque down, could remain above 600 nm.

This paragraph engine maximum of highlights is equipped with has 3 a Turbo Booster device, work mode is such: “each cylinder of two a exhaust door respectively connection to two a booster device, in idle speed and in the low speed, load low of workers condition Xia, only a exhaust door drive a booster device work, and electric booster device work, through electric booster device of air again returns original gas road, increased air pressure and velocity, effective reduced Turbo hysteresis. “” When the engine is at high speed, two exhaust valves are working, while switching the direction of air circulation line, putting two turbochargers in series, so the air before entering the cylinders are compressed twice. ”

3 by cleverly combined with a supercharger, high efficiency under all speeds, and in order to further reduce Turbo lag, the engines equipped with a turbocharger as a variable geometry turbocharger.

Variable geometry turbocharger (left for low speeds, the figure on the right for high speeds) New cars Chery Jaguar XFL made public aluminum

Low-speed narrow sections, upgrading waste gas flow rate, improve the efficiency of Turbo, high speed increase the cross section, increasing the volume and enhance motivation.

Small series of Lao Lao

Audi is the world’s first mass production of this engine is equipped with an electric turbocharger engine past supercharger, compressor and engine accessories are all driven by the engine’s power output, which occupies the part of engine power, and these accessories electric will reduce engine power loss, increased transmission efficiency, may also provide a means to improve fuel efficiency.

But let a small series of crazy is media and Audi have not revealed the engine’s fuel consumption data, then friends bold guess this engine what is the fuel consumption?


799 m watch of China officially issued that millet watches have gone

Today, China officially issued China m smart meters technology in Beijing watch AMAZFI, sells for 799 Yuan.

It is reported that this watch ROM is the original Google United States Android car system project leader Zhang Lei led research and development of the entire watch lasted 18 months.

 The appearance and configuration

799 m watch of China officially issued that millet watches have gone?

Appearance: glass fiber strengthen polycarbonate case, Zirconia ceramics, 22mm quick release-sport strap. Outside the color scheme has red and black, black outside and Red inside two optional.

Configuration level: Hua meter watch 1.2Ghz Eagle is a dual-core processor 1.34 inch reflective low-power color capacitive touch screen at a resolution of 320×300;512 m of memory, 4GB built-in Flash; battery capacity for 280mAh;IP67 protection against dust and water, support Bluetooth 4.0BLE+Wi-Fi.

  Function and characteristics

799 m watch of China officially issued that millet watches have gone?

China m heart rate watch main functions including movement detection, Bluetooth music, clock display, 5 days battery life, message transmission, fast PayPal payments.

Heart rate detection

799 m watch of China officially issued that millet watches have gone?

China m watch with 28-nm process GPS chip +GLONASS positioning, PPG sports the latest heart rate heart rate sensors, and m r algorithms can effectively avoid “air heart” on the air, metal and other non-human skin does not appear false heart-rate data to record tracks in real time, distance, altitude, frequency, speed and other data.

Battery life

799 m watch of China officially issued that millet watches have gone?

Battery life, China m watch 280mAH lithium-polymer battery, continuous running mode full opened GPS GPS and heart rate monitor, duration of battery life of up to 35 hours. If only the opening time, Ji Bu and other basic features, solid watch models, battery life of up to 11 days or more.


799 m watch of China officially issued that millet watches have gone?

China m Smart Watch Bluetooth music features, Bluetooth headset enables users to download good music playing watch, 4GB Flash, up to store 500 songs. In addition, cooperation with watercress FM Hua Mi, provide music content for the user.

Reflective display

Display connection, China m watch 1.34 inch reflective low-power color display, with the ambient light sensor brightness adjusted according to exterior light intensity automatically dial to support touch.

Message push and quick payment

Users not only can directly read the phone push calls, text messaging, micro-credit, weather and other types of messages, it also cooperated with Alipay, scan code provided payment functions.

Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

Supporting applications

The product can be connected both App:AMAZFIT sport watch Assistant and millet, the former is used to upload data, which is stored in the cloud and analysis of user data. Meanwhile, China second generation meters also released Hua Mizhi core and the corresponding Enterprise Suite, the kit by China m IoT sensors collect intellectual core implanted ID identity information to achieve credit card features such as access control, attendance, also for business office lighting, central air conditioning and other household items to achieve automatic opening and closing of the subregion.

 Insider view

It is reported that exposure meters AMAZFIT watches in China before, users agree that the products used brand of millet and found that did not. Today China m watch after the release of friends remains a question: that millet will watch out?

To address this issue, industry insiders @ Pan Jiutang gives the following opinion: Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

799 m watch of China officially issued that millet watches have gone?

Pan Jiutang said, although China m AMAZFIT is legendary “millet watches”, but ultimately does not comply with the location of millet millet brand is not used. Most smart watch business wind in the current market, Hua Mi athletic is selected. Millet watches what will go in the future strategies, we’ll see. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case


Iono Readme that year we d like to purchase Segway

Editor’s Note: Wang has repeatedly stressed that success was accident, failure is the norm. Ninebot to get the “money” before, walk on a high wire comes with every step.

Oral | Yeh Wang

Interviews, organize | Liu ye

Iono Readme (): that year, we'd like to purchase Segway

(Ninebot high)


Lao Gao (Gao Lufeng) is mechanical, I saw, in 2003, when doing a project together.

When I read his senior year without the grind, especially busy, he just graduated, and entrepreneurship. We carried out a project called intelligent toys. The product was sold more than 2000 units, then a problem with quality control, making problems, funding is wrong. At that time it was too advanced, program experience really bad, very bad. The company from beginning to end more than a year.

When I talked to old high in the second half of 2009, he said, have been out of touch for a long time, to see a face. He just buy the end of the project, a serial entrepreneur, has been in Internet circles together, has been looking for opportunities.

He knew balance, feeling this thing is quite tricky, we both went to Sanya to experience one. Before actually experiencing, our prototypes have been made here.

We bought a four-wheeled scooter for the elderly, saw off the back, installed their own control panels. Because the program, control panels which are readily available, are the things that we chop down from robot above, gyro sensor, gesture detection unit, motor driver Board, are also readily available, we take a fly line up, set out in two days.

After all, we think this thing is fun, but it was too expensive, to seventy thousand or eighty thousand. 80,000 money then it’s not a toy, is a luxury, we want to make it cheaper, lighter and smaller.

Then I borrowed a friends Segway, all to play around, play feel, this thing is awesome, but to my asking price.

ZHICHUN road company at that time, Sigma building there. We play in front of the company car, a lot of people after just three words, how does this thing down, fun, can I try it on. After you try, how much money he knew after 80,000 dollars, fuck. Went away.

In 2010, we all jump in. I added there four people over regulating, including Yuan (Chen), Zhang Hui, Shen Tao, the three now are our partners, and a big fly (Xie Fei), now is our international Department Deputy Director.

Old high 2011 also has set up a Ninebot, called their joint, but before setting up, in fact, has been in operation for some time, looking for angel investors.

Because we know, that 3 million to take the machine to make enough functioning old job took 2 million investment, so the entire Angels combined is 5 million, but in two different companies.


My goal was very clear, is to achieve less than 10,000 dollars, ordinary people can afford. But it is still too optimistic, 10,000 dollars is not the majority of people can afford.

We analyze the structure of balance, preliminary estimates have the opportunity to be 8000 cost. Then tell whether it was problematic, cost 8000, you can’t sell 10,000, but dealer, store, hiring, pay taxes, and also to promote.

The first generation of products (Windrunner) for 2.5 years of research and development, long, look very simple thing today was bothering me for a long time, by today’s standards, the machine is not yet a mature product, more like a high performance and handling, but not enough to meet the production cost and the target machine.

We first do a 60 second made 200 all out. We sell 36800 39800, cost over 15000 RMB, as does not sell, the more operating costs add up to more than 27000, there are channels open and cost of sales.

For start-ups, in fact, water is a very important matter, means that someone has to pay for your value, you optimize the value chain is the opportunity. Gross profit is OK, no gross profit will be ruined, Maori is no net profit, this is a normal thing.

At that time we are saving money, the whole mold cost less than 2 million Yuan. As we are doing now is 5 million to 6 million, were made a lot of sacrifices.

Die out without finishing it directly using, for example, it’s possible, but at the time we choose to open a blank mold, rough after getting the products, but also do a lot of finishing, is mold cheap, post your.

Just Cavalli iPhone 5 Case

Because there is no money, so I have to die to save money, spend more money on the production. Designed many fine things did not dare to use. Is afraid of putting too much, research expenses are too high, I can’t afford to.

That is the most difficult stage, that is, at that time, we have nearly completed the “big nine” design, we need money to do it. But clearly, we are fully capable of reducing it costs in half, we call it half the price falls further, performance is also very good, very nice.

But we don’t have enough money to do it, balance at that time nobody knows, nobody in this business. So I think we need a success.

From May 2012 to May 2013, we already have a full set of annual financial data. Well, we did almost 20 million or 30 million in the first year of life. Just Cavalli iPhone 5 Case

Vote in our road is Pre-A, at that time has sold 10 million first generation product performance, last voted in 12 million road, another new angel investment of 4 million. 16 million money came in, we legally the two teams combined together, are in working together before, there is de facto.

That is our most fun things a few years, because we know that close to the transaction, we will certainly do a great thing. Brothers went out and strung the line of the day, everybody drank two glasses of wine. Just Cavalli iPhone 5 Case


Balance is very small. In 2013, the easy step to do the maximum, sales are said to have hundreds of millions. In fact, we are almost at the start, but we do so slowly. Select easy step the start is in the direction of the car, we got to do is high-performance car.

Were not to think so much, mainly car isn’t fun, do it only as a transport, and we want to do is cool, with a sense of strength, the roar of engines, gears, mechanical things.

At that time our office in wangjing, developed most of the people in a house in tiantongyuan, which houses 7,000 rent, 300-square-meter, two-story, we are all into the basement laboratory, is hoping to make a good car can make your blood boil.

It seems this is coincidence makes some sense.

From the business logic, if Tesla started doing baic E150 level car like that, it won’t have so much fame, even if he has made, he is a car plant in California, he would not play the media headlines, nor become a source of electric cars counter hit such a point.

Ninebot a couple of years ago was doing high-end balanced representative. Our big nine in November 2013, that is lay the influential product. No better on the market, other than may be less reliable than Segway, torque and handling response and even stronger than it.

Team that is the most hopeful when I had no money, and many want to do do anything, now has 16 million this amount of money, we did a lot of adventures, but these were eventually carried off. After the release of nine responses are also very good, we also boast that when eating together, one day bought the Segway.

Development reading:

Iono Readme (part I): from Asimov to Ninebot

Iono Readme (part two): let everyone use our one wheel


AIR 029 Interview with former Google scientist dekang Lin mobile phones bring

AIR 029 | Interview with former Google scientist dekang Lin, mobile phones bring an invisible hand

Dekang Lin United States Google for over 10 years, doing research in natural language processing. About 10 years ago, back in 2007, when he was head of Google China, Kai-Fu Lee asked at the event, user questions in the search engine, Google can give a correct answer, rather than 10 search results page links. Kai-Fu Lee replied, question-and-answer part of the search, especially when the user is asked a precise question when Google United States has a team done this kind of thing, a project leader is Professor in China, so dekang Lin. Lee added that although not sure dekang Lin can make a breakthrough in the short term, but the project is worthy of study.

The afternoon of August 12, dekang Lin at the CCF-GAIR Conference keynote address from search engines to question-and-answer engine, to the engine, introduced himself on Google’s main results, and after returning home this year involved in a startup “singular wit” the voice Assistant project–very little.

Dekang Lin do speech assistants are not used to answer a question, it is for the phone to add an invisible hand, by voice to command the fingers of the hand instead of the person, complete the click and enter some basic operations. For example, speech aides say, buy a plane ticket from Beijing to Shanghai in the morning the day after tomorrow, speech assistants will help open c applications (for example purposes only), and then automatically enter the plane ticket from Beijing to Shanghai, as well as time. Same thing, other voice Assistant can do, but they need to get cooperation with ctrip software interface. Dekang Lin’s voice Assistant is not needed, it is a normal operation process of the phone, but instead of human action, are automated. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

It has two difficulties. First, understand what users want to do things, he said, “real” time, knew he was talking about sports, football, La Liga, who can then pass the invisible hand operation; the second is to know that third-party app which tasks can be completed, you need to click on before it can be things you want to do with the user (comprehension) and docking.

AIR 029 | Interview with former Google scientist dekang Lin, mobile phones bring an invisible hand

For singular wit the company is concerned, “know that third-party app which tasks can be completed” is their strength, since the company first did was “search within” core technologies–deep links (between simple understanding is that app, you can page through the link jumps), they need to understand the internal structure and function of the app. “To understand what users want to do” is newly added dekang Lin of the company are best at things, he in Google to do is understand the user’s intentions, and in appropriate cases to answer directly (not from databases, mapping knowledge to find the answer to, but text analysis, extracted from the page). Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

But Lin Kangde felt that these two points are not really the biggest difficulty. He told nets of Lei Feng (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest), “it’s much easier to be the best than to be good enough” when he came out from Google what thought about this project may risk (risk), technology and large companies are not a risk for him, the real risk is that users can receive this issue. Once the user has to use this product, his semantic understanding system can get positive feedback, “following the way you can go faster and faster.”

Dekang Lin said that natural language processing is a field of research for decades around the world, because the data and computing power now big enough, so now the product can technically cross a threshold. Users can accept, the situation now, industry trend is very favorable to them. Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon are pushing products on voice Assistant, users using voice input, and set reminders with your voice matters, more and more frequently.

Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Some technology savvy users might be a voice Assistant works on some questions. It replaces human fingers then, iPhone is not allowed, the software also needs to be given special privileges on the Android. Dekang Lin knew there are such problems, his point is, just because there are certain costs, so the product itself must be able to create value for customers, in order to attract users. His own product, brought about by the efficiency gains are very confident.

The speech Assistant, equivalent to the mobile interactive layer of superimposed with a voice operation. This interaction does not affect the normal operation, meaning that users can take over operations at any time. Dekang Lin said their goal is to cover most of the app, but will cover China’s dozens of app users use most often, and hope that after these app, follow-up can attract developers take the initiative as “tinies” voice Assistant for adaptation work. Adapter here, referring to the place find voice truly can improve operational efficiency.

Dekang Lin shared voice tools, task-oriented app can see clear efficiency gains because they “feature” is clear. For example, the app functions that can be performed on “dozens of”, can be summed up. But in the content-type on the app how to bring value to the user, they are also exploring. In a speech, dekang Lin shows voice wants to see series 5th episode, and then go directly to the app, into the operation of related pages. He said that now seems a voice in the services app is also very promising, the problem is that users are not accustomed to using speech to express, he wanted to see the content.

Look, dekang Lin only had a small piece of software. In fact, behind this small software, they want to explore a change in mobile interaction. Its starting point is the voice, the core is from the semantics into app users the ability.

For dekang Lin who are respected in the academic world, this is yet another attempt to convert research results into actual products, “mobile phones adds an invisible hand”, also for the practice of their own research to find a path. 

Read dekang Lin of the former senior Google management scientists overseas to return home, the one you haven’t seen voice Assistant


Windows Security Essentials how dangerous the virtual world to protect

“The infiltration attack and defense” Understanding Windows: daily Windows you have a go? Offer a variety of password safe? How “dangerous” the virtual world to protect themselves? This is the basic course, we understand the Windows users and groups of users, locally a user’s password, remotely log on to local crack the Hash Hash.

Master knowledge of Windows based security.

| First met Windows

1, what is Windows? Michael Kors iPad Cases

Microsoft Windows, is the United States Microsoft Corporation developed a set of operating system, it came out in 1985, at first just Microsoft-DOS simulation environment, subsequent versions of systems because Microsoft constantly updates, not only easy to use, also slowly become the operating system of every household favorite. Windows GUI using graphical mode, than DOS type command uses ever more user-friendly. With the continuous upgrading of computer hardware and software, Microsoft’s Windows has been upgraded from the 16-bit, 32-bit architecture to 64-bit, system versions from Windows 1.0 to the now familiar ‘ Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Enterprise 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server server operating system.

2, Windows users

1-SYSTEM: users with the highest privileges on the local machine.

2-Administrator: users with the highest privileges on the local machine.

3-Guest: possesses only a relatively small number of permissions is disabled by default.

3, common Windows user groups

Administrators: Administrators group by default, users in the Administrators full access to the computer/domain unrestricted rights. Assigned to the group default permissions allow full control to the system as a whole. Therefore, only trusted personnel can become members of this group.

Power Users: advanced user group, Power Users can perform addition tasks reserved for the Administrators group and any other operating system tasks. Assign default permissions of the Power Users group allow members of the Power Users group to modify settings for the entire computer. But Power Users do not have permission to add yourself to the Administrators group. In the setting of permissions, permissions for this group is second only to Administrators.

Users: common users group, the group could not be intended or unintended changes. Thus, users can run certified applications, but not most legacy applications. Group Users group is the most secure, because the default permissions assigned to this group do not allow members to modify operating system settings or other user’s data. Users group provides a safe environment the program is run. After NTFS formatted volume, default security settings are designed to prohibit members of the Group endanger the operating system and the integrity of the installed program. Users cannot modify registry settings, operating system files, or program files. Users can close the workstation, but not to shut down the server. Users can create local groups, but to modify only the local groups that you create yourself.

Guests: guests group, by default, members have equal access to the guest like an ordinary Users, but the guest account are more limited. 

Everyone: as the name suggests, all users, all users of this computer belongs to this group.

4, Windows folder permissions

① full control (Full Control): this permission allows the user full control of the folders, subfolders, files, such as modify permissions for a resource, gets the owner of the resource, delete resource permissions, full control permissions equals have all other permissions;

② changes (Modify):

This permission allows a user to modify or delete a resource, and allows users to write and read and execute permissions;

③ read and execute (Read and Execute): this permission allows the user has permission to read the resource directory listing and also allows the user to move resources and traverse, that allows users to directly access subfolders and files, even if the user does not have permission to access this path;

Black-list folder contents (List Folder Contents): this permission allows a user to view resources in a subfolder and file name;

⑤ reading (Read): this permission allows a user to view the files and subfolders in that folder, also allows you to view the folder attributes, ownership, and permissions; Michael Kors Case for iPad

⑥ write (Write): this permission allows a user to a folder in which to create new file and subfolder, you can change the folder’s properties, view the folder’s owner and permissions, and so on.

|Windows password security

Tools: Quarks PwDumpQuarks PwDump.

 This is a Win32 environment, export the system information tool, and now there is no any tool can export such comprehensive information in support of so many versions of the OS, and fairly stable.

It can currently export:-Local accounts NT/LM native NT/LM hash hashes + history + historical logging – Domain accounts NT/LM hashes + history + NT/LM hash in the domain of history logging – Cached domain domain management password in the password cache – Bitlocker recovery Information (recovery passwords and key packages) after you use the Bitlocker recovery information support for legacy operating systems: XP/2003/Vista/7/2008/81/USAGE

Instructions for use:

Two SAMInsideSAMInside

For a Russia produced Windows password recovery software supports the Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista operating system, primarily used to recover Windows login password of the user instructions for use: import local systems and files, of course, can also be imported from a project file, document, note that SAM the SAM file is a system file, usually in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\config directory, see below:

Press shortcut key “F4”, depending on the complexity of the password, password length and machine performance, sometimes until a result soon, if too long, you can also pause, wait until next run crack State is saved.

Three Mimikatz

God knows things, penetration testing tools. France a cow b write lightweight debugger can help security tester to capture Windows password.

Instructions for use:

First of all you need to know the operating system bits

Right-click the my computer properties

If your computer is a 64-bit, you are clearly marked “x64”, or if no date is then your computer is 32-bit.

| Hash system remotely

We get to the Hash:

Open the Metasploit

Set the attack parameter:

Set the Payload

Cannot be used to do?

Local brute Hash

Michael Kors iPad Cases

Local software to download the rainbow tables for brute force I do not explain. Give you an online hack website, fast and easy:


Windows2003-Shift Portal

Back door Shift production:

Sethc.exe is Windows sticky keys, we back up.

Cmd.exe to sethc.exe

In the user login screen even by five-time shift

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